Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Angel + NYRB.... When?

It looks like the deal that brings Juan Pablo Angel to New York Red Bulls (NYRB) is going to be announced today. The question is, when will he arrive and at what price? Up to now the problem seems to have been a matter of Aston Villa and New York Red Bulls agreeing on a transfer fee. But now it appears that there may not be a transfer fee with NYRB picking up the last year of his contract worth $75,000 per week( @$4 million annually). And because NYRB does mind losing some money, they lost $14 million last year, they're throwing in a 2nd year. At least that's what My Soccer Blog is reporting. And from this it appears that Aston Villa will not be axing Angel's current contract. So instead of joining NYRB right away, he won't be joining them until the next international transfer window opens up in August. If Angel is going to be joining so late in the MLS season will the risks be worth it? After all, Juan Pablo Angel hasn't done much the last few years. And a salary of $4m / year would make him the 2nd highest paid player in the league with only LA's David Beckham ($5.5m / year) the highest paid.

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