Friday, April 06, 2007

Arsenal Colorado, It's On The Way

As you may know, Kroenke Sports Entertainment (KSE) has come to an agreement with ITV to buy both their 9.9% stake in Arsenal Holdings PLC (Parent company of the club) and ITV's 50% share of the joint venture Arsenal Broadband Limited. Not too long KSE was denying reports that they were in talks with ITV to buy a share of the club. Kroenke and other KSE officials were known to be fans of Arsenal. And before the new uniforms for KSE's other soccer team, the Colorado Rapids, were unveiled, it was widely rumored that the team was going to change it's name to Arsenal Colorado. Later when the team launched it's new stadium's web site, some of the copy in fact said Arsenal Colorado (pictures below). At the time it was thought that Nike essentially vetoed the name change. Arsenal had entered into a joint venture with Nike with the joint venture controlling the image rights to the club (leased from team). It was thought with Nike have a 50% stake in that, they were able to put the brakes any name change agreement at the last minute. But now with KSE owning a large chunk of Arsenal Holdings PLC, is it just a matter of time before the Colorado Rapids become Arsenal Colorado? Links to the large images showing the name Arsenal Colorado on Dicks Sporting Goods website :

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FOMD said...

I'm all for it. Spread the good name of Arsenal far and wide!