Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Another Blog Talking Out Of Their Hind End

It still amazes me to find some of the things some bloggers will write. Like this one about Greg Dalby. The blogger is correct in the trials that Dalby's had recently. But to say "Dalby is currently playing [plying] his trade with MLS side Colorado Rapids" is flat out wrong. Not as wrong as calling him a center back (he hasn't seen time at that position for a few years; his a holding midfielder). Dalby has not signed with the MLS. He's not registered to the Colorado Rapids. He is a free agent. And technically he really hasn't had a career in the US. That is unless playing in college for free constitutes a "career". I don't expect folks overseas to know everything. But if you don't know, just say it. Please don't make stuff up.

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Blue Blooded Journo said...

Agree, that was pretty lazy. He may have gotten the whole center back thing from the MLS combine. He didn't need to show he was a superior holding mid at the cobine, so he played a lot of fullback and was superior there, too.