Monday, February 12, 2007

Colorado Rapids - No Big Announcment

They had me and quite a few new sources fooled. It was looking like the Rapids were going to change their name. But despite the Rapids' FO putting out big press releases claiming it would happen, nothing earth shaking was announced. The marketing / technical agreement with Arsenal is nice. But we have yet to see the details on it. For example, when will this new center of excellence be up and running? And who gets first dibs on players coming out of it? It's a nice move forward by both clubs. But it's far from anything that should be called historical at this point. Yet PR coming out of the Rapids FO made it sound like that and then some. The Rapids Front Office cried wolf. The question is, did they do so unintentionally? Did they really think they could land the copyright to Arsenal's name and change their own to match?

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