Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New York Red Bull Signing Keeper

Soccer By Ives is reporting that Ronald Waterreus is set to sign with New York Red Bull (NYRB) as a discovery player. Unlike most leagues, Major League Soccer (MLS) has a set of rules governing the type of player signings teams can make. NYRB fans are surely relieved that it's only as discovery player and not as a major allocation or under the new designated player (DP) rule (aka the Beckham Rule). NYRB looks to still have 2 unused DP slots. At this point it looks better than 50-50 that Reyna will be signing with them. Assuming Claudio's a DP, who will their other DP be? Luis Figio looks to be tied up with Inter Milan and his new Saudi club Al-Ittihad. Ronaldo seems to have plenty of interested teams in Europe to keep him from hoping over to this side of the pond. Could it possibly be Andrei Shevchenko?

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