Thursday, January 18, 2007

McBride's On Fire, Eddie Lewis On The Move?

Since the new MLS Designated Player Rule (aka The Beckham rule) was put in place, most any American playing Europe has been linked with a move back to Major League Soccer. This has been especially true for those 30+. For most of these rumors, there has been little reason to talk about them other than it's gossip. For example, Brian McBride might be at the end of his career but he's also playing as well as he ever has. He's nabbed 9 goals for Fulham this year. More so the Fulham fans love him. He may be from Chicago but history is full of players who never return "home" to close out their career. Eddie Lewis is another Yank that's over 30 and seems to have been linked with various moves back to the MLS simply because of this, especially since the DP rule was implemented. Nothing too concrete going on to make me believe he's looking to move on. But what caught my eye today was Leeds bringing in Alan Thompson. Surely Leeds is looking for some fresh blood for their relegation fight and Thompson isn't exactly it. But he does bring a lot of experience to the left side of the field. Could this be the first sign that Leeds will be willing to part with Eddie Lewis? And if so, will he be off to the MLS or will Wolves lodge a new bid (they had bid this summer) for Eddie Lewis as part of their push to make the playoffs?

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