Monday, January 15, 2007

Bale Not Leaving Southampton.....Yet

Time after time we see reports linking Gareth Bale with Manchester United, Arsenal and other clubs. But, to the best of my knowledge, have never had a quote from someone like Sir Alex where the specifically states exactly how serious he is about buying Bale. Why does that matter? Because short of that all we have are rumors that the clubs are interested, let alone exactly how interested they are. On the other hand I keep seeing quotes, such as the ones in this article at ESPN, where either Bale himself or someone else very specifically says Gareth Bale has no interest in leaving Saints whether it's because he wants to further develop as a player (he's only 17), that his family says he's happy where he is, and other such things. You tend to see this sort of thing with other rumored moves. Right before announcing his pre-contract with LA, David Beckham expressed that his family was quite happy in Madrid. The devil is in the detail. In the case of Beckham he didn't express this sort of thing too often. And at that the words chosen tended to be less definitive. In the case of Bale there have been more quotes by various people being much more specific. I'm fully convinced that this young man has no desire to leave Southampton, at least not quite yet.

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