Friday, March 13, 2009

New Colorado Soccer Website

Recently the Rocky Mountain News (RMN) closed it's doors. It's sad to see a long time Denver institution gone forever. Out of it's demise we've seen a few new sites rising up such as some ex-RMN folks with I Want My Rocky.

One of the first blogs that covered the Colorado Rapids was hosted by the Rocky Mountain News, FC Rocky. With RMN's demise, we will not be seeing any new posts on FC Rocky. Luckily, FC Rocky's George Tanner has launched a Colorado Soccer Now along with Cole McGinnis. They're looking to provide us with some we sorely need here in Colorado, news and commentary about the beautiful game in Colorado. If you haven't checked out the site, head over there now.

1 comment:

george tanner said...

thanks for the pub, bro. but forget about the black panther. your blog has been providing great info for folks for as long as FC Rocky and combined! longer, i think! it was on your blog that i learned the awful news that mcmanus was not going to be with the rapids another year. some others don't think it's awful news, but i think the guy is the real deal. i don't think any rapids have ever had a better shot than spencer or mcmanus. is there something in the water in scotland? anyway, thanks again, and you keep up the good work.