Thursday, March 19, 2009

2009 Has Begun!

And finally the 2009 MLS season has kicked off. I've been anxious for the season to start. Not only to see Gary Smith show good of a coach he but also to watch some of the commentators back peddle on their predictions about Seattle making the playoffs. It's great to see a team their but this is 1998. Expansion teams in the MLS don't do well in their first year.

WOW! And it's like the soccer gods knew I typed that and had to show me up. Freddy Montero scores the seasons' first goal Seattle's first ever goal in league play. 12' minutes in and NYRB is down 1-0.

Updated 1 :
Brad Evans scores his first for Seattle after getting a handful for the Crew last year.
Seattle 2

Updated 2 :
27' That reminds me.... I don't get why some pundits previews were so questioning of LA's or FCD's defense when NYRB's got Goldwaite and Petke in the center of their backline.

Updated 3 :
First half winding down and Boyens looks to have been subbed due to an injury. Not sure what to make of this. I can see that the new matchtracker on MLSnet looks cool but the sound / animation needs to have the option of being turned off by users.

Updated 4 :
Half-time and it's still 2-0 Seattle over NYRB.

Updated 5 :
75' While I haven't fallen asleep but I haven't seen much going on in the 2nd half. Freddy Montero did have a nice goal to make it 3-0 Seattle.

Updated 5 :
Game over. Sounders win their first. But don't get too excited. After all Real Salt Lake won their home opener in their first season yet the season turned into a long, grueling, torturous even for their fans.

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