Thursday, August 14, 2008

As The Clavijo Turns

This one has a few twists and turns. As mentioned in a post before, the Washington Post's Steven Goff was reporting that sources in the Rapids organization had told him that Clavijo very well could be losing his job. Then in another post he said that Clavijo himself had reported that there was a meeting Tuesday where a vote of confidence was given for him to have the job for the remainder of the season.

Now that post has been updated with comments from an unnamed official. Goff writes

[update] A Rapids official says that, other than their standard Tuesday meeting, there was no separate discussion with Clavijo about his status. "It 100 percent did not happen," he said.
In the meantime, Clavijo has left Uruguay to attend to a family emergency. He does not expect to be back in time for Saturday's game against Kansas City at Dicks Sporting Goods Park. Hopefully things will get better for whomever in Fernando Clavijo's family is experiencing problems. It's never a good time for these things but the timing is extra worse with it coming in the middle of much speculation over his job as head coach of the Colorado Rapids.


Bonji said...

The cynic in me asks, is someone in Clavijo's family actually sick? That is mean spirited, but it crosses one's mind then the heat in the kitchen is turned up to 500. Also, was Clavijo one of Goff's sources before the dreaded vote of confidence meeting? It almost seems too perfect that Goff heard heads were going to roll and then when they didn't, Clavijo is the one who said so. Interesting times here in Denver.

Anonymous said...

I have a reliable source in the Rapids organization that has said it is his brother that has an issue that has caused Clavijo to leave town. When he left, he did not tell the team when he would be returning.