Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Josh Wolff Signs With KC

I get a bit tired of the ex-MLSer rumors that involve them coming back to the MLS to play for the same team they played for before their move overseas. Often they don't make sense given the situation whether it's because of the MLS' arcane rules for bringing an ex-MLS player back from overseas or just that their ex-club didn't need them.

This time the rumor of Josh Wolff seemed to make sense. KC needs goals and they need to shake things up a bit with their squad. Sure, some of that comes from a goofy schedule that put them on the road 6 games in a row. But they've had their chances at home and came up short too often. With only 11 goals in 13 games, KC's not scoring the goals that they need. Kansas City's signing of Josh Wolf, who is still only 31, should help inject some life into their attack. Will this be enough for KC to make the play-offs? I don't think so.

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