Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Cone Is Gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Cone is Gone! Not quite as uplifting news as learning that I've magically inherited a billion dollars and can save the Colorado Rapids from Enos "Uncle Scrooge" Kroenke but it's good enough to brighten my day.

For those who thought Glinton (out with injury now, IIRC) and Kamara were going to be able to consistently pose an attacking threat in the MLS, this is Yallop's way of saying his doesn't agree. I don't think anyone here doubts Kirovski's talent. Nor will you find many folks that will argue that his on the field performances have been worthy of his $200,000 salary. Why is Yallop doing this? Because with an expansion team on his hands and Joe Cannon in nets, he never needed Preston "Stone" Burpo. But what Yallop's squad sorely needs is some sort of offense; some sort of ability to hold up the ball and pass it around.

Kirvoski's not going to hold up and spread the ball around anything like we would traditionally picture that role. Nevertheless, Yallop's not going to find anyone better for the rest of 2008 to do this. Guevara crawled back to the MLS to join Toronto. Christian Gomez signed with Colorado. Now there may be some diamonds in the rough lurking in Argentina but Yallop doesn't have much time left to find them.

To compound the situation for San Jose they have 2 attacking player, Glinton and Peguero, out with injuries. Kei Kamara is still looking like USL-1 material more often than not. They need to try to scounge up a few goals. At this point in time, unfortunately for them, Kirovski likely to be their best choice for now.

As for Kelly Gray I'm sorry to see him go. To me he seems like the quintesential MLS defender. That is never quite good enough to get a big salary and no longer young enough to be willing to work for peanuts so he ends up bouncing along from team to team over the years depending on whom is looking for some defensive depth (see also, Richie Kotschau, Eric Denton). I wish him luck in San Jose.

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George said...

i KNEW you'd be happy about kirovski's departure.
FC Rocky