Friday, April 04, 2008

KC - Rapids

The Rapids are coming off a big 4-0 win against a terrible Galaxy team. A couple things I haven't noticed mentioned on that are how many times last year the Rapids would've still found a way to struggle against such a team or at least mange to not put the ball in the back of the net. The other is that the Rapids weren't exactly at full strength either. Young players like LaBrocca got in the full 90 minutes in the first game. LaBrocca only played 67 minutes last year. Omar Cummings and Stephen Keel didn't see much more time. DiRaimondo is a rookie. Heck, even the much talked about Colin Clark has les than 20 games under his belt. If a few of those young pups can continue to step up, the Rapids will be able to get some unexpected wins.

As for the game against KC, maybe it's my burgundy colored glasses but I expect the Rapids to come away with a 1-0 win. They have the X factor in Christian Gomez, a player capable of winning games when his team didn't seem to earn it. The most interesting match up I'm anticipating is KC's 2nd year Michael Harrington and the Rapids' Terry Cooke. If Harrington puts too much effort into getting involved in the attack, he's likely to leave Terry Cooke run free at the wrong moment.

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The weather for game is looking like it'll be a lovely spring afternoon.

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Joey said...

I want to see Burciaga put up a strong match against his former team and show some spirit down the flank. I'm also hoping that the Rapids midfield and forward units can continue to develop a familiarity with each other.