Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I Like Steve Davis But...

I enjoy Steve Davis' columns over at Soccernet. And in a recent one on the Colorado Rapids [click here] he's painfully spot on when pointint out that the Rapids have not brought in a goal scorer. He's also very correct in pointing out that a bit before bringing in Christian Gomez, the Rapids had traded away young USMNT midfielder Kyle Beckerman for Medhi Ballouchy to spice up their attack; a change that didn't work.

The issue I have in his latest column are the key loses. Zach Thorton, a backup goalkeeper that barely got a sniff in the first team, is a key loss? And Nicolas "Niko" Hernandez is a key loss? He had a single goal last year and wasn't good enough to hold down a starting job as a striker. And at that a starter for a front line that Davis goes on to comment performed like crap in 2007. The same holds true for Cancela. He had 3 starts for the Rapids in 2007. How is he a key loss?

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