Monday, February 25, 2008

Saints New Manager - Nigel Pearson

As a Saints fan it's good to see the club putting to an end the ill-advised Dodd & Gorman managerial partnership. I'm sure it was meant to be temporary but with all the forewarning they had of Burley's departure, they didn't seem to be making much of any progress on replacing him. There was a lot of speculation lately that they wouldn't be filling the role until this summer. Maybe it was due to their mad search for a new investor; maybe it was just hoping that things would magically get better. With the team winless in league play since D & G took charge, it seems the suits felt pressured to make a move.

And they did for.....

...Nigel Pearson. That's right, the business minds at Southampton decided that instead of spending time find a permanent gaffer to guide the squad they'd replace their temps with a temp. Pearson is on a rolling contract. Now if there's ever a sign of a manager desperate for a team and a team uncommitted to a manager this is a painfully obvious one.

So why did the Saints sign a guy like this? And at that with little commitment on the part of either party? Are they really that desperate?

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