Saturday, February 02, 2008

Full Of Themselves

Leave it to a DC United fan to be so full of themselves to ask such a question. Gomez was with how many clubs before DC United? 5? 6? And how large of a pay increase was he demanding at age 33? The man has to make a living. But surely no player that would live and die for a club's badge would let a few quid come in the way of finishing out his career with that club, would he?

From Black and Red:
Gomez will improve most any club he goes to by a significant and noticable margin. One thing that will remain to be seen, is will he play for, live for, and die for the badge for another club, like he did for the Black and Red?

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KJ said...

Thanks for the qoute. That said, I think my query is a quite legitimate one. Has nothing to do with being full of ones self actually. Quite simply, the relationship between Gomez, United, and the supporters grew into something more than your typical professional sports player/ club/ supporter relationship. Why else would Gomez drive to an away match for which he was suspended, buy his own ticket, and stand with United's supporters clubs for the match, cheering on his side?

The fact he is leaving (has left) United isnt a function of any relationship souring. It is money. Not that Gomez and United are that far apart on what they both feel Gomez' worth is. United wanted to sign a DP, and could not have signed Gomez for what either side wanted. The salary cap hit would have been too great, and that would have inhibited United's ability to add depth at other spots needed. It would not have been what was best for the club. It is not that United nor us supporters felt Gomez was not worth the extra money. Many here did and still do.

That was not my quesiton. The basic premise of my posting was that will Gomez feel as at home in Colorado ( or wherever he ends up) as he did here in D.C. and will a similar type of bond with the city and the fans develop. That will remain to be seen. There is no question of Gomez' dedication to his on pitch performace, and I do not think that will change wherever he ends up.