Saturday, January 26, 2008

Chase and The Big Cat

The Colorado Rapids have signed Chase Hilgenbrinck. Hilgenbrinck is an American left back that was last plying his trade in Chile. Is this a sign that Fernando Clavijo is looking to repeat the short but successful Dedi experiment? For those that don't know, Dedi was an Israeli left back the Rapids signed in 2005 and moved up to left midfield. He managed to score some goals for the Rapids and make enough of a difference to fool Rapids fans into thinking that Clavijo may actually know what he's doing (forgive them; it was Clavijo's first year at the club). Having signed Jose Burciaga in a trade with Kansas City 2 weeks ago the Rapids didn't need another left back. It may be that Clavijo envisions Burciaga, who just 2 years ago netted 8 goals from the LB position for KC, as a left midfielder. And that just may mean that Colin Clarke is going to be shown the door (part of a trade for Christian Gomez)? Why Clarke? Why not? After all, has Clavijo ever shown a liking for a player with offensive skills?

In announcing the signing of Chase, the Rapids made official what many of us already suspected. They announced that the contracts for Jose Cancela and Tony "Big Cat" Sanneh will not be renewed. The question for Sanneh is what is next? Along with Jaime Moreno and Ante Razov, Sanneh is the last of the MLS originals from 1996. Chris Armas, Eddie Pope and Cobi Jones retired after 2007. The only others that could still be part of that group are Brian McBride and Ramiro Corrales but they would need to return to the MLS before they retire. Will Sanneh hang up his boots too now? Or will he pop up with an MLS team looking for a veteran to help them out?

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