Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Soccer 10

I got home tonight and I had my order for 3 new jerseys waiting for me inside my door. They're from a store in Argetina, soccer10shop.com. I got a Lanus jersey (champs and it's maroon... I mean, off-burgandy). I also got Rosario Central. And I got a Banfield away jersey. They didn't have the ol' 05 one I ordered so they replaced it at no extra cost with the new Banfield away jersey. Very nice of them to do. Oh, and they did email me about not having the 05 and gave me options first. I'm impressed.

I think the Banfield away jersey, below, will come in handy when I go biking. :)

Just a warming for you guys out there like me who aren't small. The sizes tend to run a bit smaller than what we're used to in America. If you normally wear an XL, I would advise getting an XXL (size 5).

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