Thursday, November 29, 2007

Saggy Cheeks Brain Has Checked Out

As you may know, for the last year or two there has been a series of investigations into allegations of what amounts to bribery going on in England. If I'm remembering right off the top of my head it was a year ago that a big list of managers, assistant managers who were being investigated for this came out. Harry Redknapp was one of them. So it shouldn't be surprising that he along with 5 others including ex-Portsmouth owner Milan Mandaric were arrested. The amazing thing is that somehow ol' 'Arry seems to think that if one has been arrested and charged with a crime that they can somehow say with a straight face "nothing to do with me whatsoever". WHY IS THE MEDIA NOT CALLING HIM OUT ON THIS BULLSHIT?!?!???

Now keep in mind that there is a difference between him being guilty and him claiming that he has nothing to do with things. I'm not saying he is guilty. I'll be more than happy to let the courts decide that issue. What is going on here is that he's claiming that England's legal system can just willy nilly arrest and charge anyone they'd like. Really? Does anyone believe that Arry was arrested and charged for a crime for absolutely no reason? That there is nothing out there that would lead anyone to think that he may be involved? None at all? Of course not, there is some level of evidence that has lead to this. It may not be enough to convict him but it is enough for him to be charged. If there wasn't enough for charges, his lawyer would be able to get those thrown out and he'd be a free man.

Harry Redknapp may not be guilty of anything at all. The same with Milan Mandaric and the others that were arrested. But they were arrested because there is at least enough evidence out there to not only suspect they did something wrong but charge him with a crime. Note to Arry ---> You don't deserve our sympathy; especially not when you're crying like a baby. Grow some balls and deal with it.

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Georgina Best said...

I don't think he has actully been charged yet. Released on police bail which means they have not got enough evidence to charge him yet.
I'm an LCFC fan so I'm really hoping Mandaric is not guilty of anything.

Good blog btw