Monday, November 12, 2007

MLS In Seattle...with a Marching Band...And Fan Input...

Folks, Seattle's MLS bid is real and will become official tomorrow when The Don travels to Seattle for the announcement. Today there was a big announcement made by the ownership at a soccer pub in Seattle specifically for the fans. Drew Carey was in attendance. Why? Because now that he is host of The Price Is Right and The Factor of 10 his bank account has fully swelled to large proportions and he can dabble in the professional version of his favorite sport. So he's an owner.

Amongst the announcements made at this pub today? Seattle will have a marching band. Ok, that is cool in a way...I guess. Carey demanded it so it be. The other neat detail? Fans of the club will be able to buy memberships that actually give them power to get rid of the General Manager. Folks, if that ain't balls I don't know what is. Do you think Jeff Plush would still have a job if the Rapids allowed their fans to vote out the GM? I doubt it. This will create the first MLS club with some sort of management accountability to the fans and some transparency, finally. It could also create a huge cluster FU$#%^@#^ but I'm into seeing it work...once at least.

So in 2008 we will get a reborn San Jose and in 2009 a new Seattle franchise. Next year the conferences will be balanced and a year later they won't without another eastern team. Combine that knowledge with the fact that MLS clubs are now listed across the top of and one can deduce that the prospect of a single table is closer then ever.

This is going to be a busy off-season, friends.


Mr. List said...

I like the idea of the fans having some power, I would have Plush out for sure. (Mr. Clavijo too!)

An unrelated thought: if Stan Kroenke is interested in owning Arsenal, shouldn't he act like he can own a team in MLS?


Anonymous said...

First of all Fan ownership sounds awesome. Secondly, I hope to see another team join in 2009. If not the single table is the answer

Red Five

George said...

mmm ... single table
FC Rocky