Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Who Should Be Fired?

The 2007 Major League Soccer season is over. Los Angeles, Colorado, Columbus, Toronto and Salt Lake all failed to make the playoffs. Who should be held responsible? Should Los Angeles fire Lalas? Yallop? Both of them? Why hasn't Colorado fired Clavijo after his failing to live up to his 3 year plan? Did Mo do enough to show that he's building a Toronto team that can make the playoffs in 2008? Why wasn't Kreis' record at Real Salt Lake any better than Ellinger's? Has Sigi been doing anything more than treading water at Columbus? Is it time for him to go?

What do you think?


Mr. List said...

If the Rapids don't fire Clavijo, I will probably not renew my season tickets. The inconsistencies and ill-discipline of this year's squad alone would be reason to not go back to watch one of his teams over 16 games next season. But his roster moves and player selection are unbearable, unexplainable, and unenjoyable. As a fan of the game, it is hard to enjoy watching the product he puts on the field.


Allen said...

I can't blame you. I think it's time for Wright and Plush to move on, too. They rubber stamped all those moves.