Tuesday, October 09, 2007

LA's Finally Hot

Kartik at Major League Soccer Talk took a look yesterday at the Los Angeles Galaxy. The Galaxy have finally figured out how to win games again just as the season's about to end. I say again because most people forget the team's hot start, going 3-1-1 to start 2007. They've now won 5 of their last 8 and Kartik picks out some key players during this run. The only thing I disagree with him about is re-introducing Beckham. To argue against it is, in my opinion, to argue that the chef that's finally learned to make a great meal should refrain from serving better wine. Beckham's a quality player in this league. Naturally there would be reason to ease him back into the picture given his fitness. But there's no reason to deny the team a weapon they sorely need if they're going to somehow pull off making the play-offs. Their chances are slim at this point. No need to make it any more difficult.

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