Tuesday, September 11, 2007

UEFA Champions League Fantasy Team

My fantasy league team for UEFA's CL fantasy league :

1: Reina
2: Carragher
3: Puyol
4: Miguel
5: Clichy
6: Pirlo
7: Hleb
8: Kaká
9: Carrick
10: Saha
11: Morientes
12: Helton
13: Remy
14: Pedro Emanuel
15: Kobiashvili


wes said...

I think its a very interesting player line-up although I should admit that I am a bit baffled by the selection of Saha.

Allen said...

I'm a bit baffled too. I'm gambling on him staying healthy. If he does he can be the focal point of ManUtd's attack. One the amazing things about Saha is that despite the injuries he comes right back and starts scoring goals. Just think of how often when talking about a striker we right off a string of goalless appearances as him still getting back into his groove. Saha seems to have the uncanny ability to step back in and get the job done. But in terms of the fantasy soccer, I need him to stay healthy.

George said...

allen, where are the old bhoys?
George Tanner
FC Rocky