Thursday, September 06, 2007

Nothing Much To Say

I'm on vacation in southern Utah right now. It was odd this morning being in Tropic, Utah in a small general store and having a bunch of old people speaking in German around you. Not the sort of thing that I'd expect in Utah, let alone a town of a few hundred people. Bryce Canyon National Park has been great. One thing I have notice don the trip is soccer. With the rental car I got Sirius. It seems that if they don't have one of their 2 call-in shows on, they're re-broadcasting a game. Today they had Fulham-Spurs. I caught the end of it. As I left Bryce Canyon National Park, Tottenham were up 3-1. Before I even got back into town, it was 3-2. And after sitting in the car knowing it would come, it was 3-3. It had me thinking tonight, how much more money and time will Jol get at Spurs? I think he's down well to improve the team. The question is what does the board actually expect from him? Do they expect a Champions League spot this year? Are they happy with UEFA Cup? No Europe at all? Surely they haven't let him spend loads and loads of money on players. What exactly do they expect in return?

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