Saturday, September 22, 2007

Crappy Day For A Game

I'm in Salt Lake City for the Real Salt Lake - Colorado Rapids game in just a few hours. It's raining out with a 50% chance of rain throughout the rest of the evening. It's in the mid 60s so not too bad but not too great. Going into this game with the Rapids injuries I had a feeling they'd play it safe and try to grind out a draw. Wait, let me phrase that more optimistically, I had a feeling going into this game the Rapids would approach the game cautiously, make sure their opponents didn't score and choose when to go forward wisely....

....ya, that just doesn't work. I thought Clavijo's approach in this game would be to not risk a loss. And with this rain on the turf I suspect it's going to be all the more likely that this is going to be a long boring match with a moment or three when tempers boil over a bit. So it goes.

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Bonji said...

Looks like you were correct. The wet turf made watching a game in SLC even more frustrating. Add that to a defensive slip up handing them a goal and I almost pulled my hair out on Saturday night. Can't say I'm surprised. This game went according to the Rapids terrible road form.