Friday, September 28, 2007

Clavijo Wanted Victorine

The word on the street is that the Rapids coach Fernando Clavijo wanted to trade for Kansas City's Sasha Victorine before the Sept 15th deadline. What and who was he offering? Two 2nd year players from the Rapids - Colin Clarke and Jacob Peterson. No word on if KC was willing to pull the trigger on this one or not. It's a moot point though. The way it was it was told, it was the Rapids FO that overruled Clavijo.

Please keep in mind this is a rumor. If it's true, it makes one wonder why the Rapids Front Office that in the past has given Clavijo the final say in these matters stepped in. Have they had more say in previous trades than they're willing to admit to? Do they no longer trust him? If it is a matter of trust, why keep around a coach they no longer trust?


Bonji said...

Clark is one of the most exciting young players on the team. What was Clavijo thinking!

George said...

if this is true, it's utterly ridiculous.
if this is true, i'm going to make sure i go if fernando ever has a garage sale.
if this is true, i'm inviting the coaching staff to my house for a poker game.