Saturday, August 25, 2007

No Beckham For Rapids Fans

As FC Rocky points out, Los Angeles Galaxy's coach Frank Yallop has chose to have David Beckham not play against the Rapids. That's correct, Beckham played for England in a meaningless scrimmage against Germany earlier this week. Then less than 48 hours later Yallop chose to continue to play him against Chivas USA for the full 90 minutes. Now that Beckham is looking to play in his 3rd game in less than a week, Yallop has elected to rest him. That isn't surprising. What is to me that a team that can barely afford to loose more than a couple games for the remainder of the season isn't going to have David Beckham on the bench. Why not have him available as a sub? Regardless of that, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out in the rest of the Denver media.


Nathan said...

Man, you'd think that Beckham had signed a 6 month contract, not a 5 year one.

He'll be there at The Big Dick next year (barring injury).

In the meantime, this is a good deal for Colorado. 8 LA starters are staying home, including all the starting back line plus Becks adn Donovan. This is the game in which Colorado pretends to have an offense and pleases the home fans with spark, creativity, and multiple goals.

That should send anyone home happy. If they just came to see Beckham, maybe they'll leave thinking the Rapids are actually worthy of the playoffs.

I understand the BS involved in making people buy multi-game packs to see Goldenballs and why that is going to sit poorly with folks.

But whatever. You can see the dude on TV (replay that LA-NYRB game which is an instant classic and will be talked about for years to come) and its not like seeing Becks surrounded by the USL rejects Lalas put together (and got placed on the field due to a season-long injury bug) is actually pleasant. Take it from me, a Galaxy season ticket holder. It's worse then painful to see brilliant passes die at the feet of Edson Buddle or Alan Gordon.

Enjoy an easy win for the Rapids. They don't come around that often.

David who?

George said...

the funny thing is that there was some justice in the past week for the galaxy:
saturday: lost 5-4 to los toros rojos
thursday: lost 3-0 to chivas usa
sunday: lost 3-0 to los rapidos
FC Rocky