Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rapids New SI

The rumors has been floating around for awhile now. The Rapids are on the verge of signing Mexican forward Daniel Osorno. In the middle of June Kansas City was linked with a move for the player. Last week 3rd Degree reported that FC Dallas was interested in Osorno but he had decided to sign with Colorado. FC Rocky reported that Osorno was spotted in the press box at Dicks Sporting Goods Park last 4th of July. When the Rapids held their "Chalk Talk" Sunday, July 8th GM Jeff Plush was asked about Osorno and not only didn't deny the situation but admitted the Rapids were working on finalizing the paperwork.

It's July 12th and so far nothing has been announced. The word on the street is that the other non-guaranteed contract player, the first being Chris Wingert, is Panamanian Roberto "El Bombardero" Brown. Once things are about to be finalized for Osorno, the Rapids will release Brown.

I understand the team letting Brown go. Conor Casey is a better big man target forward than Brown. Osorno is a better player than Brown. Daniel Osorno's earned 73 caps with the Mexican national team. However this move doesn't seem to address any of the Rapids weaknesses. It doesn't give them natural depth on the left. It doesn't give them a left-sided fullback. And, at least for now, one struggles to see how it helps the Rapids with possession and, more importantly, quickly transitioning from defense to offense. These seem to be the Rapids core problems. And maintain a roster of 7 forwards (Niko, Peterson, Casey, Herculez, Kirovski, Cummings, Brown / Osorno) doesn't seem to be the answer.

The last statement is more apparent when when takes into account 2 players have recently left the Rapids. Defender Chris Wingert left the team when they wouldn't guarantee his contract for the remainder of the season. Yesterday midfielder Daniel Wasson announced he was leaving the team to try to find a team in Europe. Before those moves the team was already needing fresh blood in their defense and midfield. And now their hands are tied. They already have the maximum number of Senior Internationals and have to release one to make room for Osorno even though they now have 2 open roster spots.

Is this a team on the verge of completely falling apart? Is it time to fire Clavijo?

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pele o rei said...

R Brown is a flop and they need to move on. Fernado needs to go and somehow the Rapids need to address the lack of a true center back to shore up the middle of the park.