Sunday, June 17, 2007

Revs Could've Had Schelotto

That's what Soccer By Ives is saying. I don't doubt Schelotto's claims that he spoke with the Revs. And I don't disagree with the part of Ives statement that Nicol decided against Schelotto. But to say that Nicol didn't want a "skillful and dangerous left-sided player" because he decided against Nicol is a stretch.

There may be other reasons that Nicol chose to not further pursue signing Guillermo Barros Schelotto. It may be that New England didn't see how they'd be able to sign him without using their designated player slot. Nicol may have had other players he was pursuing that he felt were better when it came to using that. Or it may have been that gutt feeling that as skillful as Schelotto is he wasn't going to make enough of a difference with the team.

Even with Schelotto Columbus has struggled to score goals. Worse, they have only one win in 11 games. New England on the other hand have only lost twice and have 5 wins. I have a hard time faulting Nicol for passing on Schelotto when he hasn't been a difference maker at Columbus and the Rev's have performed just fine without him.

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