Sunday, May 20, 2007

MLS Current Playoff Picture

It's too early to be paying attention to this sort of thing. But worse du Nord has decided to do so and got it completely wrong. du Nord has only the top team in each conference with the next 6 best listed. That is not how the league has set up the play offs. The top two teams in each conference qualify along with the next best 4 from the league overall. The MLS lists it's rules regrading this here. Either way it seems a bit too early to be paying attention to this sort of thing. Some teams have only played 5 games; others have played 9.


Anonymous said...

he still "has" it right though isn't listed they way we know it is suppose to but he does technically have the top 8 that would make the playoffs if it started today!

Allen said...

Maybe I overlooked something but it doesn't appear to be so nor do I see the point. Du Nord looks to be tracking the top team from each conference + then the best 6 in the league. That's not how the league does it. Nor do I see the point of doing that. If you wanted to track just the top 8 to make a point, let's say to help show how the top in the west is only the 4th best team in the league (not the case right now but is possible), I can understand that. Just out of curiosity, what does tracking the conference leaders plus the next best 6 show us?