Monday, April 30, 2007

Championship Relegation Settled

Technically Leeds in to officially relegated from the Championship (England; Div 2). But the only team they can catch, Hull, has to lose their last game at home against Plymouth, Leeds has to win and somehow in between those 2 games Leeds would need to overcome a 9 goal gap for goal difference. It could be done. For example, if Hull lost at home 4-0 and Leeds beats Derby (on the road at Pride Park) 6-0. Nevertheless, the chances of that happening are only slightly better than Audrey Tatou showing up at my doorstep tonight for a very special happy birthday. So with just a game left in the season Leeds, Southend and Luton are relegated.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday from FC Rocky!

George said...

p.s. i will NOT be showing up on your doorstep tonight, which is probably good news for you because i look nothing like Amelie.