Thursday, March 01, 2007

New York Red Bulls Dodges A Tin Bullet

A few days ago Soccer By Ives reported that Agustin Delgado was indeed a designated player (DP) target for New York Red Bulls (NYRB). NYRB fans be disappointed. Their team's thin in talent and experience when it comes to strikers. But in the case of Agustin "El Tin" Delgado they may have been worse off. During Delgado's stint at Southampton was an odd one. In 2 years he only played for his club 15 times. Yet he seemed to somehow be healthy enough to play for his national team Ecuador. Surely there are at least 1,000 players just as talented and, more importantly, with more of a professional approach to the game than Delgado. I think NYRB dodged a bullet and thanks to FIFA's ban on Delgado playing avoided bringing in a Clint Mathis type player (lots of talent, little production).

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