Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Rivaldo To Rapids - Big Announcement Tomorrow (Thursday)

There have been reports and rumors that the MLS has been in talks with Rivaldo's agent. Normally New York was linked with the player. They have a 2nd DP slot to use and Red Bull has the deep pockets. But NYRB's asst. coach Jeff Agoos has flat out denied being interested in bringing Rivaldo into the fold. The Rapids have a big announcement tomorrow. It's going to be the team's new colors. That's a no brainer. The question is, what else will occur? There is some speculation that there will be a name change. That could make sense since even though there have been leaked mock ups and photos of the new uniform and shield. A simple change could result in something like below. It wouldn't take much to modify the name Rapids as seen in this pic. Personally though I have a hunch that something else is up. They're talking about big announcements for Thursday and Friday. When was the last time a team held news conferences 2 days in a row? Don't be surprised when something no one was expecting happens like a big signing player announcement. Rivaldo's agent, how was dinner at Kroenke's penthouse?

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Awful Chief said...

New MLS slogan should be

MLS: Thirty-something GREAT!
Are you experienced? WE ARE!