Monday, December 25, 2006

'Twas The Night Before Boxing Day

A big AMEN to Jarrett over at Triangle Soccer Fanatics on his comment that you can a tell a die-hard soccer fan in that they just try to get through Christmas Day for boxing day. I've been contracting for a few years and the last 2 Christmases I've been in-between contracts over the holidays. It's wonderful to be down at the pub at 8am drinking a pint with breakfast while you see others going to work. It's even better to have a day full of games. It's good to see some people telling it like it is. Since I'm working this year, I'll have to see if I can send some bad mojo Pompey's way via the internet. I hope West Ham spanks them tomorrow with a nice cherry on top being Sol "I'd sell my grandma for the right price" Campbell getting a red card in the 12th minute. Saggy Cheeks group at Fratton Park are out of their league right now and it's time for the results to start reflecting it.

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